HelpNDoc includes an AI Assistant which can be used for content creation, revision, and improvement. As it is powered by OpenAI's API, it requires an account from OpenAI and an API Key. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Navigate to OpenAI's web-site, sign up or sign in, then navigate to the API section
  2. Hover over the left menu then click API keys
  3. Click the "Create new secret key" button
  4. Specify a name for that key so that it can be easily recognized if it needs to be deleted in the future, then make sure that the key's permissions are set to "All". Click "Create secret key"
  5. Make sure that you copy the generated API key and store it in a safe place: it won't be accessible afterwards
  6. In HelpNDoc, click "File" then "Options", navigate to the "AI Assistant" tab and enter the API Key in the "Authentication token" field

The AI Assistant is now ready to be used and will seamlessly connect to the OpenAI's API to answer any questions. See also: