We finalized the process of renewing the code signing certificate for HelpNDoc, which certifies that it has been produced by ourselves, IBE Software, and not someone else. Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows SmartScreen can incorrectly mislabel HelpNDoc's installer as an unrecognized application and mark it as unsafe. This is a false misleading statement coming from Windows Defender, which doesn't trust the new code signing certificate yet. It can be safely ignored.

HelpNDoc is 100% safe of viruses and spyware. We regularly test it with the latest antivirus definitions. You can verify that HelpNDoc is safe by checking Google's owned VirusTotal which checks it using dozens of antiviruses: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/107bdb4b4cf0f5bf584e46b45adb1258bbdf40dda02acf907f4296a960e94f1a

As time goes by, Microsoft will start trusting the updated code signing certificate and the problem will disappear. Meanwhile, we thank you for your patience and are available to help should you have any questions: https://www.helpndoc.com/contact/